That’s just what I wanted

I hate sheep with a passion because I have lived nextdoor to them for over 10 years. When my partner and I first purchased our cabin we thought they were adorable. The sheep farm next door looked so quaint and cute. I will sadly admit that I wanted the cabin just to look at the little sheep all afternoon. Now that I live near them, I would do anything to get away. The sheep smell so exhausting that in the Summer I can’t hang clothes on the line to dry. I also can’t open my windows to let fresh air in. If I did that, the whole cabin would reek. No amount of air purification cleans out that odory air quality either, but my partner and I had to seal up our home tight and rely strictly on central air conditioner. The central A/C uses HVAC duct to stretch into every room of the house; Each room gets quality cooling and the air does not smell. So I suppose in the end, it is okay, then but, in the Summer I genuinely want to enjoy the outdoor air. My partner and I can’t go a afternoon in the Summer separate from the a/c either. The people I was with and I can’t get any natural breeze so we run it all of the time. Also since there is no air, the A/C is needed to dry out the moisture in the air quality. If we did not have cooling in the Summer, we would have mold. The electric bills in the Summer are just so high and awful.

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