That’s not what we wanted

When both of us started to home hunt, both of us had a few things that both of us wanted our home to have before both of us bought it. Both of us wanted a garage, a dishwasher and most pressingly central air conditioning. I swear both of us would regularly see one that was so perfect ,but it was regularly missing one of those more than two things that I needed it to have. The last home both of us looked at had ⅔ things. It was missing the central air. My partner tried convincing me that this home was too good to pass up. It was 3 bedrooms, 2 baths with a few acres behind the house. It was going for a great price, and if both of us didn’t put an offer down someone else would buy it. I reluctantly agreed, and they accepted our offer. All was well with our up-to-date home when both of us moved in until summer time came around. It was so tepid in our home that i was completely annoyed. I started to complain to our partner and told him if both of us never bought this home in the first place i would not have to be annoyed separate from AC. The largest problem for me is sleeping at night. I was up all thirds of the night. My partner told me that both of us could go and buy a window A/C unit. I didn’t even assume what that was. He told me that it is like an A/C equipment except it goes in the window and will only cool one room down. After both of us opted to go out to buy one i insisted both of us get one for each room. He agreed, and i was cheerful again with our air conditioning.