The a/c program

Just because you stop using the AC appliance as well as pack it away doesn’t mean you can then forget about it till the first warm day of the year. At least not in the section of the nation I call home. Here, we get numerous feet of snow as well as lots of ice all throughout the winter season. This means that you need to work to keep all aspects of your central AC appliance safe as well as perfectly clean no matter what the winter weather throws your way! My fiance as well as I regularly make sure out AC condenser is covered up before the first snow hits. The two of us do this by way of just using our AC condenser cover… You can actually pick up a tarp at the hardware store as well as just tie it down over the machine if you’re feeling brave enough. Since this is our first dwelling, the two of us were not feeling so brave as well as just went with getting the pricier condenser cover made for the exact model that our dwelling uses. The condenser cover comes with everything you require to keep it tied down as well as secure all year round. No matter what you use, it’s crucial that your condenser remains free of the ravages of winter. Sure, the condenser can take the water from rainstorms, but this is not the same as snow. The rain washes away, allowing the condenser to dry out as soon as the storm passes. Snow does not–it piles up as well as melts as well as refreezes, damaging the metal as well as causing rust as well as wear all throughout the winter months. Icicles can also fall off your dwelling, which can get into the condenser as well as mangle the delicate blades of the AC condenser without a cover to keep them sheltered.