The a/c that I just bought is gone

The a/c that I just bought is gone.

It makes me so mad that someone stole our brand new a/c. I don’t genuinely think what to do about it. I did call the police, however there is not much that they can do… No a single saw the person who took our a/c because I live in the middle of nowhere, & our closest neighbor is 2 miles down the road from me. I wish that I would have been home when the a/c was delivered to our house. The person who dropped it off honestly thought that it would be safe on our front door since I live out in the middle of nowhere. I entirely thought that it would be just enjoyable standing at our doorstep until I got home, however apparently, both of us were both wrong. The a/c was delivered about many minutes before I got home from work. I looked all over for the a/c, but I could not find it somewhere. I called the corporation that I bought the a/c from, however they said that they could not send me another a/c. They were genuinely apologetic that our a/c was stolen, however they couldn’t afford to just send me a free a/c. I understand why they can’t send me another a/c, but I sure wish that they could. Now, I have to save up the money to buy another a/c. Hopefully, the next a/c won’t be stolen. I just genuinely want an a/c for our beach house this summer.
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