The AC in my home wouldn’t turn on due to the faulty blower motor

I’d had a good time at the gym and wanted to get home to take a long bath.

After work, my friend and I went to the gym as was usual for us.

I was not expecting anything significant to happen. I intended to work out, grab a smoothie and head home to relax. I’d bought some wonderfully scented candles and could not wait to fill my house with the fantastic aroma. But then I ran into a guy I knew from back home, and we spoke in length. It was late by the time I was getting to my house, but I didn’t mind. We ended up having dinner and planned to meet up again. When I got home, it was pretty hot and stuffy. That was weird since I’d left the AC unit working earlier that morning when I went to work. I went to the AC to turn it on, but nothing happened. It seemed there was an issue causing it not to start. I did not have a 24 hour AC repair plan, so my only option was to wait for standard AC company working hours. Needless to say, I did not sleep well in a hot and humid house. Early the following day, I got on the phone with the HVAC repair business. My appointment was for later that day when I’d be back home from work. The HVAC technician came and noted the issue was my blower motor. The motor fan belt had broken and required an immediate replacement before using the air conditioner again. It did not take long for the HVAC technician to replace it. In addition, he urged me to get an HVAC maintenance plan.