The ac service broke our Heating as well as Air Conditioning component

I have a cleaning service come into our loft to give it a deep disinfect every few months or so, but this keeps our loft absolutely disinfect as well as nice looking, not to mention it helps the indoor air quality so I don’t have to invest in indoor media air cleaners to be able to breath right! However, recently I had the cleaning contractor in our loft cleaning as well as they must have sent some absolutely careless people, however in the mist of them cleaning our house, they ended up doing something to our temperature control that sits in the hallway about half way up the wall, however when they were scrubbing the walls the temperature control somehow got injured as well as removeed! My central heating as well as air conditioner was no longer working because of this.

I didn’t even know what happened until after the cleaning service left.

I had gone to turn on our central gas furnace cause it was a bit frosty outside, as well as then all of a abrupt I heard a big thump noise as well as it wasn’t working! When I went to adjust the temperature control, the temperature control fell off the wall! This was when I seen what happened as well as how the temperature control had got removeed somehow. I had a close look at it as well as seen that the wires were ripped disinfect off the motherboard of the temperature control! This wasn’t something I could repair myself, so I had to make a PC call to the local heating as well as cooling contractor to come out as well as service the temperature control, however you can bet that I called the cleaning contractor as well as made them spend money for it too!


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