The AC Wasn’t Working at The Condo

When my husband and I had the chance, we snuck away to a condo on the beach with some friends of ours.

We left our little one with her grandmother and enjoyed time away with good company.

As soon as we walked through the condo doors, we dropped our bags and changed the thermostat settings. Because nobody actually lives in the condo, the air conditioner was turned off, so it needed to be switched on. Thankfully, it didn’t take long to cool the entire space. We went about our day and spent time on the beach like we planned. When we returned to the condo after being in the sun for so long, we were anxious to feel the air conditioning. However, when we walked through the door, the air felt sticky and hot. After checking the thermostat settings, it said the condo was 78 degrees inside even though the air conditioning was set to 72 degrees. There was no way we could go the entire weekend without air conditioning, but we wanted to avoid calling an HVAC professional if we could. Unfortunately, all we could do was replace the air filter because the HVAC equipment was on the roof and we didn’t have access to it. The air filter replacement didn’t fix the air conditioner, so we called the HVAC professional. Thankfully, a technician was able to come out and repair the air conditioner by the end of the day. The air conditioning was up and running by the time we went to bed that night!

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