The AC went out while doing the wedding!

I’ve planned our ceremony for what feels love 20 years, & I had every detail down, of course something went wrong, & it was with the Heating & Air Conditioning system! Our ceremony was going to be outside however all of us decided that it might get too hot, so all of us opted for a room with AC & fans. When all of us got to the ceremony hall in the afternoon all of us observed that the AC was off so all of us asked someone what was happening. Instantly someone told me that the AC was not laboring however they were trying to maintenance it. I had a bad feeling because I know a lot about Heating & Air Conditioning, our brother works as an Heating & Air Conditioning supplier. I knew that they weren’t going to maintenance the air conditioning in an minute, so I called our brother to come take a look. My brother said that the Heating & Air Conditioning component was going to need a lot of help although he offered me a solution. He said that his Heating & Air Conditioning supplier would loan him another Heating & Air Conditioning component for the afternoon if he brought it back abruptly. He installed the AC component from his truck & got it ready just before the ceremony was supposed to start. I am so happy that our brother is an Heating & Air Conditioning supplier because things could have gone pretty badly if he wasn’t there. A ceremony with no heating & cooling sounds horrible to me, especially when I paid so much. The Heating & Air Conditioning dealer that our brother works for is amazing & I am so happy they let him install the new AC component for a few minutes.

Air conditioning worker