The accident attorneys sent dozens of mailers and letters

Friday night I went out with some co-workers and we stayed at the bar until after midnight.

I was totally trashed and completely wasted when I left the bar. I was going to get an Uber like a smart person should, but the wait time for a car was 45 minutes and I didn’t feel like sitting in the parking lot. I got into my car and proceeded to drive home. I honestly thought I was doing pretty well until I noticed a police officer in my rearview mirror. As soon as I saw the cop, I got nervous and started swerving. As soon as I started to swerve, the police officer turned on his red and blue lights. I had a breathalyzer test as well as a field sobriety test on the scene. I did not pass and I was charged with a DUI. When I got home from the police station, I had a mailbox filled with mailers and letters from local attorneys. Somehow the attorneys found out that I’ve had a DUI. The same thing happened when my mom was in a car accident. A few days after the accident, her mailbox was filled with advertisements from attorneys and lawyers in the area. Many of the lawyers were offering to represent me for a small fee. I didn’t think that I needed a lawyer for the d u i. I was guilty and I plan to admit to the charges and hope that the judge will go easy on me. I’m going to have to pay lots of court fees and restitution, so I really don’t want to tack on morphy’s by hiring an expensive lawyer that isn’t going to do much more than I will do for free.

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