The air conditioner filters I bought off the internet were contaminated with chemicals

I wish I could trust everything I get off the internet, but I’ve had a lot of bad experiences. When the pandemic started, I was neurotically buying disposable gloves for a while until my doctor told me to simply wear an N-95 mask instead while having hand sanitizer nearby for quick hand cleaning. But for two months I frantically scoured stores in person and online until I broke down and bought a 1000-count pack of vinyl gloves off Amazon. When the gloves arrived, over half of the boxes were contaminated with a black substance that I can only guess was mold of some kind. Thankfully Amazon has a quality return policy and customer service representatives that care about retaining your business. I simply sent the contaminated gloves back and received a refund. However, that wasn’t without a massive waste of time on my part, especially having to take the return package to the local UPS store so it could get back to Amazon. This happened again recently when I needed a new air conditioner filter. The ones I typically buy from local stores with activated charcoal on them have been unavailable for weeks. I don’t know if it’s something to do with the pandemic supply lines or if there are other extenuating circumstances; regardless, I started to panic a little when I couldn’t find another HVAC filter with activated charcoal on it. I bought a pack of three from the internet with a high MERV rating, but they arrived smelling like chemicals! I couldn’t believe it, and sadly I had to return the HVAC filters for a refund. Now I don’t know where I’m going to get an HVAC filter for my house.

Heating technician