The air conditioner is awesome

I am looking at getting a new apartment, however I have two issues that I am debating between… One venue is charming. It is right on the beach, brand new countertops, in addition to all new furniture, but that venue does not have any Heating and A/C though, and no oil furnace or a/c equipment. There is not even any existing ductwork in the entire house. Since the lake house was recently set up, putting in Heating and A/C will be hard. It would have been smart to be Heating and A/C in the initial upgrade, I think that the expense of the shack was too much in addition to getting Heating and A/C was not within in the previous owner’s budget. So if I bought that property, I would be on my own for weather conditions control. I would have to get numerous a/cs in addition to section heaters. Then I would need to pack them up all when I leave for another property, however the last thing I want is to install permanent Heating and A/C in a house that I will eventually leave. But, Heating and A/C is terrible for electricity bills. It will seriously increase our utilities from month to month using so much electric; But, I guess the beach house might be worth it. The other choice does have Heating and A/C. The central Heating and A/C is okay, the apartment is okay in addition to the location is just decent. It technically has everything, however I am not happy over it. The beach lake house is perfect except for the Heating and A/C equipment. I guess it might be worth messing with portable cooling in addition to heating for a year or 2. Maybe I can resell them afterwards too.

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