The air conditioning broke

Last year, we were having a long and hot heat wave.

We didn’t mind the heatwave too much because we had an air conditioner that was working perfectly.

I was so happy to have the air conditioning when the temperature hit one hundred degrees. I sat in the house two days later, and I was sweating through my clothing. Two days ago I was not bothered by the heatwave because of our air conditioning. Through the night, the AC unit had quit working and I was miserable. I called the HVAC company but they told me I had to wait for my turn. They had fifty other people who had called in. I knew that I wasn’t going to make it without any air conditioning. A friend of ours had gone out of town and we called to see if we could use their home for a couple of days. She agreed and told us to enjoy. She was teasing when she said that if we drank all the beer, we had to replace it. We went to her house and turned the thermostat down. The air conditioning felt wonderful. We took the first bedroom we came to and we were looking out the window. That was when we realized she also had a pool. We couldn’t help ourselves but to go outside and go swimming in the dark. It was so cool and calming. When the HVAC tech called and told us he would be there the following morning, we weren’t almost upset. It was so nice to spend four days in a house with perfect air conditioning and with a pool.


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