The Air Conditioning Was Left Running All Week

When my husband and I received the keys to our new house, we were anxious to get in and start renovating.

We didn’t have a lot of changes to make, but we both really wanted to paint the entire house.

This was going to take several weekends to complete. Thankfully, we didn’t have to be out of our other house for another month. We took the first weekend and dedicated it to painting the new house. Although the house was new to us, it was old in age. It was built in the mid-seventies and nothing had really changed since then. The HVAC system was almost twenty years old! We ran the air conditioner while we painted all weekend because we needed the cool air. At the end of the weekend, we returned to our other house and we remained there all week. The following weekend, we returned to the house to paint some more. As soon as my husband and I walked through the doors, we were amazed at how cool it felt. Then, we both realized that it was so cool because we’d left the air conditioner running the entire week! We both looked at each other and began questioning who turned off the air conditioner before we left the previous weekend, and we both assumed the other had done it. Unfortunately, neither of us turned off the air conditioning and our house was kept cool all week by our old HVAC system. We wasted so much money and energy!


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