The air ducts are going to kill me

I am not a germ freak and I am not crazy.

No one is going to tell me that just because I wash my hands with antibacterial soap, at least four times a day, that there is something wrong with me.

I can tell you about a hundred people who don’t like to shake hands or to be touched. Yes, I will wash off the shopping before I touch it, but it has nothing to do with germs. Kids tend to get them sticky. I clean my house, thoroughly, several times a week, because I live on a dusty road in the city. I try to never go up in the attic, because it is kind of strange up there. Besides, the only thing we have in the attic is an old window air conditioner. I had to go up to the attic about a week ago, and I thought I was going to be sick. There were mice droppings everywhere I looked, including over by the air vents. I almost vomited thinking about those mouse droppings being in the air I breathe. I quickly called the HVAC company and requested they get someone out here to clean the ductwork and the air ducts. I was not going to clean them. I also called the exterminators to get rid of the mice. When the professional ductwork cleaners showed up they tried to put me at ease. I was horrified at the amount of dirt and debris they pulling out of our ductwork. I know that it was my fault because I had never given any thought to having the ductwork cleaned.


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