The Air Was Escaping Through The Windows

Over the past few weeks, the Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals have all told myself and others that I needed to have our AC component replaced, it was old, always breaking down, and it was essentially a money pit, and my biweekly utility bills were always high, and I couldn’t remember what a normal utility bill looked like. Instead of doing our own research, I bought the high efficiency AC component that the Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals recommended to me, and they told myself and others that our biweekly utility bills would drop by 15% and I’d save money in the long run by not having to repair the AC component all the time. I was undoubtedly looking forward to cool air in our apartment that wasn’t going to cost myself and others a fortune! Once the current AC component was installed, I ran it on our normal temperature settings to undoubtedly test out the efficiency, however, when I got our next utility bill in the mail, it wasn’t that much lower. It easily wasn’t 15% lower, and I was furious! I called a unusual Heating plus Air Conditioning professional to get a unusual opinion on the matter. When he assessed our Heating plus Air Conditioning plan and our house, he told myself and others that our windows were so old that a lot of the Heating plus Air Conditioning treated air was escaping, and even though our AC component was brand new, all the cool air it was making was leaving our apartment due to our windows! Now, I have to deal with a window problem. When it rains, it pours. At least I tried.