The Air Was Escaping Through The Windows

Over the past few weeks, the Heating plus A/C professionals have all told myself and others that I needed to have our A/C unit upgraded! It was old, always chopping down, and it was essentially a cash pit! My daily utility bills were always high, and I couldn’t remember what a normal utility bill looked like.

Instead of doing our own research, I purchased the high efficiency A/C unit that the Heating plus A/C professionals suggested to me, they told myself and others that our daily utility bills would drop by 15% and I’d save cash in the long run by not having to service the A/C unit all the time.

I was certainly looking forward to cool air in our house that wasn’t going to cost myself and others a fortune… Once the modern A/C unit was installed, I ran it on our normal temperature settings to certainly test out the efficiency, however, when I got our next utility bill in the mail, it wasn’t that much lower. It actually wasn’t 15% lower, and I was furious! I called a unusual Heating plus A/C professional to get a unusual opinion on the matter, and when he assessed our Heating plus A/C system and our house, he told myself and others that our windows were so outdated that a lot of the Heating plus A/C treated air was escaping, even though our A/C unit was brand new, all the cool air it was making was leaving our house due to our windows! Now, I have to deal with a window problem. When it rains, it pours, but at least I tried.

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