The amusement park

Back when I was a teenager I worked in an amusement park.

And what is funny plus crazy is, it was working here that lead me to become a certified heating plus air conditioner specialist as an adult.

I am sure you do not get the affixion or how this possibly could be related. I would not get it either if I didn’t live it! So let me deliver you the short version plus tell you the basics, plus then it will all make sense to you on what I am saying. One time while I was in a pretty boiling summer, the central air conditioner plan had broke down inside the funhouse in the amusement park. And I happened to be working in there dressed up in some spine-chilling costume jumping out plus scaring people, and that was my job. But when that central air conditioner broke down I could not bare to be in that costume plus in the funhouse with the heat! So I took it upon myself to complicationshoot the central air conditioner plan complications, plus I won’t get into the details as I am trying to keep this short, despite the fact that I ended up figuring it all out plus fixing it! The staff was amazed I did this not having any heating plus air conditioner training. I saved them a few hundred dollars, which they gave me as a bonus on my next paycheck that week. But this a single incident interested me enough to wanna do this for real someday, so I went to Heating plus Air Conditioning school when I graduated private school plus got my certification to be a heat plus air conditioner unit specialist.

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