The argument over the HVAC plans

I had the most ridiculous argument with my spouse last week.

The argument got so heated, I almost thought we were going to get a divorce! It was really stupid! We were arguing over selecting an HVAC service plan for our central heating and air conditioning system.

The heating and air conditioning company has three different plans available, and each one gets more pricey with each step up. The whole argument was over my spouse wanting the most expensive one, and myself wanting the middle priced one. I was arguing that we don’t need all the different HVAC services that the expensive plan was offering, and that we would be wasting our hard earned cash. My spouse’s argument was that it was better to pay the extra because we may actually need the other services someday. I told her that if and when we needed those extra repair services, we could just pay for them when they happened. Would you believe she went nuts on me with that comment? I couldn’t believe she just wouldn’t get what I was saying! It was like she enjoyed wasting money! One thing lead to another, and the argument got so heated, that I decided to leave the house. When I returned, she apologised and said she seen that I was right about which HVAC service plan we should get. She also agreed that the entire argument was dumb to begin with. We got the HVAC service plan I suggested, and we have not talked about it again ever since.
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