The awesome b-ball park

Here in the region in which I live all of us have pretty drastic tepid weather in the summer, and this makes it difficult to do a lot of things that other people wouldn’t even suppose was a big deal, most Summer events you would suppose of can not be done around here because they are outdoors, but and obviously there is no air conditioning outdoors so there is no way you could do anything! But let me tell you about our local baseball park.

And this is totally and genuinely awesome! Our baseball park is technically indoors! They have a huge dome to enclose it.

And let me tell you that the air conditioning is genuinely great! It’s a huge commercial cooling system! In the Winter this comes in handy too with the heating, and you can go into this baseball park and have the best experience seeing a baseball game that no a single else in the country can have, then where else would you be able to savor a game in totally top quality central air conditioning other than seeing it on the cable from your own home! That is a big perk of living where I do, then i genuinely don’t like everything else about the weather conditions and the air quality, but at least all of us have this. I have told people about the dome and the commercial air conditioning for the baseball park and none of them believe me! Look it up online. If you think anything about baseball and the region I live in you will think exactly which baseball park I am talking about.


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