The ban on freon has made a lot of people mad

It amazes me how there are some people who grasp on to some of the dumbest things & simply can’t let go. It feels as though frustration & anger permeates our civilization a great deal these days. Everyone is looking for someone to put the blame on for perceived slights & injustice. And, boy can those scapegoats get rather weird. The current debate about the global environment is a fantastic example. There are all kinds factions who are on either extremes of the debate. And wow, do they cling to their respective positions. How great would it be if all these people could actually work together for once. There is so much energy wasted by simply occupying severe positions. Then there is my father. He is so incredibly frustrated about the R 22 Freon ban which is only months away. He has this rather seasoned heat pump he has nursed for about 20 years. And he is absolutely certain that this heat pump will run until the end of time. Doesn’t seem to matter to him much that he is paying a high price on utilities. He instead is convinced there is government conspiracy aimed at taking away his R 22 refrigerant. I’ve attempted to explain how Freon ruins our ozone layer. We also went online to learn the studies about what hydrochlorofluorocarbons do to wreck the only thing that keeps us from being burnt to death by the sun. Dad wants nothing to do with any of it. I tried to frame the argument a little bit differently. I asked him how he would actually feel about having his grandchildren live underground because we ruined the ozone layer. This caught his attention to some extent. He is still convinced that all the lefty greenies were out to get him and his HVAC equipment. But perhaps upgrading the seasoned heat pump wouldn’t be such a terrible thing. It was for the children after all.