The beach was going to be a ton of fun

I purchased a new kneel up paddleboard a couple of weeks ago, & Wednesday was the first time I had a pick to entirely go out on the water to use the board.

My friends & I made plans to take our boards to the intercoastal water. The water is not genuinely choppy there & it can be clear in most spots. It’s the perfect place for outdoor water sports prefer kayaking, canoeing, & paddleboarding. I purchased some water & gatorade & a couple of bags of ice for the cooler. I had everything packed the night before, so I didn’t have much to do in the day. I woke up bright & early, when the sun was shining into my home office window. It was actually sizzling & the heat surprised me. I thought it was the glow of the tepid sun until I walked into the kitchen to make coffee. It was actually sizzling & I didn’t hear the AC running at all. I looked at the control component to see the indoor temperature & it was too high. The AC was off & the temperature was high. That is a sign of sizable trouble. I instantly called the AC repair service. They didn’t have any available appointments until 10:30 in the day. My friends & I were supposed to be at the beach by then, so I had to call them & cancel. They came over to the beach house to pick up the cooler & some beach supplies. I was bummed out that I could not join them, despite the fact that I knew it was important to fix the AC problem now instead of later.