The bee exterminator overcharged my credit card

I was so miserable last week! I went & got my credit card statement that came in the mail, & it seemed as though my card was totally maxed out! I could not find it easy to believe what I was seeing, because I knew for sure I had plenty of credit on that card! Initially, I thought maybe some hacker got into my account & ran up my bill, but, when I looked at it, it seemed there was a certain error on the part of the exterminator.

I quickly contacted the other week to take care of a major bee complication I had in the back.

I had a sizable bee hive back there where tons of honey bees & other types of bees were sharing the area, & trying to reside there! This was not wonderful for me in the least, so I had to have the exterminator come out & take care of them all! But what ended up happening, is that on top of the extermination of all those bees, they also wiped out my credit card! I reached out to the exterminator corporation & told them what happened, and they looked into it, & seen the error they actually made. They easily apologized up & down for what occurred & refunded the overcharge within a single day. They also offered me a free year of bee removal, relocation & extermination services for any pests that I may have. I thought this was a pretty good trade off! This extermination corporation is certainly honest, & that is what I love in a business; honesty, trust, & the American way!