The bee removal service is very noisy

I work in a large downtown building that is shared by a number of different dealers that all lease office space here.

My supervisor is a building supply dealer, and our office is just a regional location for handling customer service claims with our purchasers.

We don’t see any product or transport any orders, we’re basically a glorified call center for purchasers in this unique state. Right down the hall from us is a home insurance dealer, and next to them is a medical professional’s office. Since we’re on the third floor, we don’t see nearly as much foot traffic in the hallways around here like you do on the more than 2 lower floors. However, that recently changed when another corporation moved in nextdoor. It’s a commercial bee removal service and it’s their central hub. There are workers and exterminators coming as well as going all day long, creating lots of noise in the entire building. In the past I had almost complete peace and quiet while working my shift, but now I find myself reaching for my headphones so I can focus on my work. I wouldn’t normally expect to see a commercial bee removal service or any kind of extermination corporation move their business into a shared office building, but you learn something new everyday. I just wish the exterminators were more respectful about their noise whenever they’re walking through the hallways in this building, that way I might really get my normal work performance back. I respectfully don’t even like exterminators to begin with because of the chemicals used to eradicate pests, but they’re arguably an unquestionably important business for countless reasons.