The best contracting job I could ask for

I’m nearly-retired and I’m trying to pass my contractor off to the next owner, but they tend to need my help.

Through contractor intelligence analytics I can check-in without any problems. Through an IoT security system, I can see the efficiency of the line first-hand and supply my recommendations for improvement easily. On top of that, I don’t have to worry about going into work super early in the afternoon just like I did when I was younger to make sure people have access. Now, with my building access control system, I am able to lock and unlock the door at the start and end of the day through my phone. It truly helps if any parent is wanting to come in at an odd time to complete their work. Rather than having to drop anything and everything to drive in, or scheduling an alternative shift ahead of time, I can just check to see who is at the door with the IoT security cameras and unlock the doors for them remotely through the building access control plan on my phone. It is strenuous to imagine how efficiently I could have run this contractor if I had the technology of today and the energy of 30 or so years ago but I’m sure blissful that this type of building management unit software is available to the next owners who take up the mantle! I’m so thankful to believe that there are so many building control solutions that are based on engineering building control solutions for people similar to me who just want to run an efficient business- or efficiently stop running one!



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