The Best HVAC Brands and a Good Smoothie

Those are the two topics for this article.

Our local contractor has some of the best HVAC brands, so when I am in the market for a new HVAC system I know exactly where I am going to go to buy it.

As for the smoothie, try blending the following; one large cup of thawed out frozen mixed berries, one pint of kefir, and a handful of walnuts. It’s my favorite smoothie of all. I think after I make the smoothie this morning I will go to the local contractor to ask about financing for the HVAC systems because I would like to get a new one at the end of this year but don’t know if I will have enough money to do so. I have my money in Dogecoin, buying almost 600,000 coins, but I need to let it sit for the rest of the year before touching any of it. If it goes up like they are saying I could just pay cash for the HVAC unit and also get that nice robot vacuum cleaner that I have been eyeing for the past few months. I get a lot of sand in the house and if I could have a robot vacuum cleaning it up all of the time that would be a miracle! I think they have HEPA filters in them too so it should do a good job with getting the dust off of the floor. I don’t think it will fit under my sofa but I can just sweep under it by hand.


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