The best thing about staying at home is that I get to be in the AC all day

I love staying at home and doing my work because I can be in the AC all day.

When I go outside it’s so hot that all I want to do is be back inside where I have my nice air conditioner.

For the longest time I didn’t have AC, I never even really realized how important AC is. When I first called my HVAC technician to have him install the AC unit, I couldn’t believe how nice it was to have a good AC unit installed. My husband told me that the cost was outrageous, but now he really loves the AC unit as well. I know a lot of people near me that don’t have AC and I feel bad for them now. A lot of people near me don’t have AC because it’s so expensive, there’s only one HVAC business in our whole town. In the last few years it has gotten much hotter than usual. For the last decade it’s barely been very hot but now it’s almost like you have to have AC. I have considered moving further up north but now that I have an air conditioner I am okay. The one thing that I really don’t like about having AC is how expensive the HVAC bill is. If the HVAC bill wasn’t so high, I would think AC is a godsend. My kids have really been enjoying the AC and all of their friends come over to play at our house since we have an air conditioner. My kids used to use the lake but now they prefer the AC.
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