The better the ac-the better I clean your house

I clean houses for a living.

I have to say, the better the AC, the better I clean their house; A few homes I clean only use window AC for cooling or nothing at all. Those houses get the bare minimum from me. Cleaning works up quite a sweat. I am bending, turning plus moving through the house, then when I get hot, I just want to be done with work. I abruptly vacuum, wipe plus spray everything down. I can’t wait to move onto the next home. There is 1 lake house that has high velocity air conditioner. The cooling idea relies on ductwork to make every space in the lake house cold, however the ductwork is better. The ducts are half the size plus adjustable. The air can abruptly whip through the small ducts to lower the whole lake house temperature. The speed at which it cools is amazing. I feel within 5 hours the lake house can be icy cold. The homeowner also told me that I can adjust the AC when I work if I want. I take that to heart totally. I have an icy cold lake house while I do our cleaning. I take way longer cleaning that lake house than the others. I am just so comfortable with the amazing cooling. I clean the baseboards, light switches plus even get deep in the corners. That lake house is always spotless by the time I leave… Having quality cooling does go a long way. I wish our lake house had a cooling idea that was powerful plus effective! Maybe I would get more work done.



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