The bnb and the HVAC equipment

I made a move in the name of love that I normally would have no section of.  And, I did it on my own, no help from my family or anybody. That’s right I made a many day weekend reservation for my fiance plus I at a quaint Bed & Breakfast. After some thought, I went through with it.  My fiance was entirely surprised plus even a bit moved maybe. Who knows. I do love it when I see his smile love that. Three mornings worth of those smiles are worth just about anything. This was not some old and crusty house with window air conditioning system units banging on.  No, it was pretty sweet. Oddly enough, I sort of love the B&B vibe. It was a little weird given it was once just a large outdated mansion. But, I did love plus prefer all the unique touches around the locale. The rooms were equipped with individual Heating as well as Air Conditioning control component control.  I was very shocked by that. I’m a heating plus cooling professional by trade. I was figuring that Heating and Air Conditioning would be centrally controlled radiant heat in the winter. Then, air conditioner by hoping it’s cool outside when you open the window. Instead, I found an outdated manse with a multi split Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit.  Each room had its own air handler which was connected to a main condenser outside. The room was so damn warm, I could hardly believe it. The outdated locale could be only so insulated thus, it was nice to have the control component when it got drafty with the wind. In all, the B&B experience was pretty excellent. My time was filled with loads of activities during the day.  And, all of us never once turned on the T.V. in the night. Yea, that’s right. The food was rather exquisite and the wine list impressive. I’m looking forward to doing that again. No, really I am.