The boiler needed welding near the base

I rarely have to use my welding skills at work, so I was pretty enthusiastic when I found out that I needed to get out the torch on Sunday.

I went to a boiler repair as well as realized there was a small crack near the base.

It was a easy welding repair, however I was still excited. I got all of my gear out of the truck as well as I realized that my hood was at the shop. I had to pack up all of my gear as well as drive back to the base; Once I was there, my boss wanted myself and others to go on a odd job. I told him that I legitimately wanted to weld the base, as well as he told myself and others that it was a job that any a single of the men could do. He insisted that I let someone else weld the boiler so I could help with another job. I was totally bummed out, because the only reason I missed out on the welding job was because I left my good back at the shop… The only upside to the issue was the fact that my boss recognizably wanted my help with a job that he had to play. Both of us went to a bank to deliver them an estimate on installing air filtration equipment, then my boss decided to put myself and others in charge of a team so that every one of us could complete the air filtration job the following week. I was complaining about missing out on a easy welding job, while my boss was trying to deliver myself and others a raise as well as a promotion.


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