The Boiler Repair Emergency Worked Out Great

Last year, we had the biggest cold front in the middle of Winter.

There was tons of snow on the ground, and the outdoor temperatures had to have been pretty close to being below zero outside.

Mostly everyone in town has their heating systems either tuned up or checked up before a major cold front like this happens. As for me, I did not do it this year. It is mainly because I have a propane boiler, and to have the propane boiler inspected takes a lot more work than having your basic central HVAC system either tuned up or checked up on. Not to mention, for some reason, the local HVAC company here where I live charges a little more for propane boilers and their inspections or their repairs. So, if I feel the propane boiler is working good, I just leave it alone and do not pay for the inspection of the thing. Well, this was a big mistake this year! Right in the middle of the cold front, my propane boiler took a major dive, and we had no heating! Rather than run to the phone to call the local heating and cooling repairman, I decided to see if I could fix this thing myself. Well, it was a lucky break. It turned out the propane boiler was not really broken. It was just low on fuel. So, I fixed that, and all was well once again! I have to admit, it was a wake up call to have my propane boiler inspected. As a matter of fact, this year, I will be calling the HVAC company to do so!

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