The Breaker Always Trips and It Turns Our AC Off

I love the house that I rent.

It’s in a great location and it has an amazing backyard that I don’t have to maintain.

I can’t afford to purchase a house of my own right now, but I didn’t want to live in a standard apartment complex. I specifically wanted to rent a house and it took a long time to find one that was within my budget. There are two downfalls to living in this house. The first is that I have to have a roommate. Originally, I wanted to live on my own. However, renting a house was pricier than an apartment complex, so I needed someone to help split the rent. Thankfully, my roommate is great. The second downfall is that the breaker always trips! Whenever we run too many appliances at once, the breaker trips and we’re forced to go into the basement where the electrical box is and reset it. Sometimes, neither my roommate or I notice that the breaker has been flipped until our AC stops working. This happened the other day. While I was sitting on the couch getting some work done on my computer, I didn’t notice that my breaker had tripped until I began to feel warm. Before getting up to check the thermostat, I waited to hear the AC start up again, but it never did. Sure enough, the AC wasn’t running at all, so I had to go into the basement and flip the breaker back. I wish I knew how to stop the breaker from tripping, because it can’t be good for our HVAC system.

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