The cat’s toy and my air ducts

I have a cat that I love very much. I have had him for almost 3 years now, and I really feel attached to the thing. I have a lot of toys around the house for the cat to play with. What I didn’t know or realise when I bought all these cat toys, was that things could happen with them that may cause some hassle in my home. Just last week, one of the thin rubber toys that my cat plays with ended up somehow getting stuck in the air vent of my central heating and air conditioning system! It then ended up making its way into the air ducts, which caused a serious air flow problem. Because my air vents for my central heating and air conditioning system are in the floors, this makes total sense how it happened. As thin as this toy was, the cat was probably throwing it around the room, and then it went through the air vent, and down into the ductwork that’s below it. When I called my local heating and air conditioning company thinking my entire HVAC system was blown, they told me based on my description of the problem, that it sounded like something was clogging the ductwork. When the certified heating and air conditioning specialist went down there and unclogged it, he pulled out the cat toy and laughed. He thought it was funny because something very similar happened to him recently! He mentioned to me that his cat did the same thing with one its toys. Except he didn’t have to pay for HVAC service, cause he is the HVAC serviceman!
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