The celebration is over

I was having a absolutely nice birthday celebration for our young boy who had just turned 10; All of his friends were over the lake house and we had some absolutely nice food that we ordered for the celebration.

All was going well until about 2 minutes into the celebration our central heating and a/c plan went out! It was a really warm Summer afternoon so not having any kind of a/c in the lake house advocated a problem.

I picked up the cellphone and called the local heating and a/c dealer instantly to see if they could dispatch 1 of their certified heating and cooling specialist for emergency HVAC repair then and there, then sadly, they did not have any certified heating and a/c specialists available for dispatching to perform emergency HVAC repair then and there. So I had no option however to end our boy’s birthday celebration. Surprisingly he understood and so did his little friends. They were starting to notice how warm it was getting in the house. So what we did was decide to reschedule the celebration and have it again the following weekend after the central heating and a/c plan unit got fixed, and which would be a few afternoons from the time it broke down. The people I was with and I ended up going to a motel here in neighborhood for a few afternoons to be able to survive in quality a/c while we waited for the heating and cooling dealer to be available. My boy was cheerful though, it was love a mini trip in neighborhood for his birthday!


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