The cheaper quote was the one that we chose

Someone online quickly noticed a huge difference

When my wife and I were thinking about renovating the house, we called several contractors to get a quote. We wanted to tear up flooring and replace the wood with tiles. We wanted to remodel the kitchen and get rid of the cupboards and old countertops. We also planned to update the heating and AC unit. We had an old gas furnace and window units, but my wife and I wanted to move to a more energy efficient solution. Both of us were ready to install central air conditioning in the house. The entire construction project was a big job and we needed someone with expertise in many different areas. A building contractor seemed like the best solution. We got quotes from several different contractors specializing in Home Remodeling projects. Both my wife and I were surprised, because the estimates were vastly different when it came to the addition of central heating and air conditioning. In fact, the numbers were so far off that we decided to go online to discuss the renovations on a home remodeling forum. We told the other members about the different quotes for the heating and AC unit. Someone online quickly noticed a huge difference. The cheapest quote was actually not for central heat and air conditioning. That quote was from a contractor that felt a mini split ductless system would be more efficient and easier on the budget. Neither one of us thought about anything other than a central air conditioner and the idea of using a ductless system never occurred to us until then.

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