The church will reopen again.

For the last year, whenever we had a meeting of the deacons of our church, we had a discussion about the HVAC system.

We all knew we had to get a new HVAC system for the church.

We even had enough money to purchase the HVAC system. The problem was that the HVAC company told us we would need to take about six weeks to have the HVAC system installed. No one wanted to sit in church with dust and dirt falling from the ceiling. They especially didn’t want to sit in a church when there wasn’t any heating or air conditioning. Then the pandemic struck. I couldn’t believe how grateful we all felt for the pandemic. I’m not saying we all couldn’t see the danger of it, because we could. We prayed for those who were inflicted with the virus. We prayed for the families of those who were inflicted. When all businesses had to close, including the churches, we knew we should now be able to get the HVAC system replaced. It took the HVAC technicians nearly six week to complete the job. After all of the clean-up was completed, we couldn’t wait until the day the church could be reopened. The parishioners were going to have a clean church to come back to, and they would finally have excellent heating and air conditioning during the sermons. When I got the news that we could finally reopen, I called everyone in the church. I wanted to make sure they knew we were going to reopen, and there was good news for everyone..

Heater maintenance