The cigarette caught my new shirt on fire

The boss and owner of my HVAC company doesn’t like us to smoke cigarettes in the work truck.

Most of the employees still smoke in the work truck, and the boss never really complained much.

Now things are different and it is all my fault. I was smoking in the HVAC work truck last Tuesday. That morning, the boss gave us all brand new shirts and pants. I put the bag with my shirts and pants on the floor of the truck between the front and passenger seat. While I was smoking, the ember from my cigarettes fell into the bag. I didn’t realize it until the bag started smoking. I burnt a hole through 3 of the new HVAC technician shirts that the boss gave me that morning. Everyone was supposed to start wearing those shirts the next day, but half of them had a whole. I had to tell my boss that I couldn’t wear the new shirts and of course he wanted to know why. I tried to make up an excuse, but my boss demanded to see the shirts. It was clear that a cigarette burned a hole in them. My boss didn’t ask if I was in the HVAC work truck at the time. He agreed to replace 3 of the shirts with a hole, but he charged me five dollars for each of the new shirts. I couldn’t really complain, since the problem was entirely my fault. Now there is a big sign inside each work truck with a cigarette warning label. The owner isn’t going to be lenient anymore.

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