The cleaning service broke my HVAC unit

I have a cleaning service come into my home to give it a deep clean every few months or so.

This keeps my home really clean and nice looking.

Not to mention it helps the indoor air quality so I don’t have to invest in indoor air cleaners to be able to breath right! However, recently I had the cleaning company in my home cleaning and they must have sent some really careless people. In the mist of them cleaning my house, they ended up doing something to my thermostat that sits in the hallway about half way up the wall. When they were scrubbing the walls the thermostat somehow got damaged and disconnected! My central heating and air conditioning system was no longer working because of this. I didn’t even know what happened until after the cleaning service left. I had gone to turn on my central heating system cause it was a bit cold outside, and then all of a sudden I heard a big thump noise and it wasn’t working! When I went to adjust the thermostat, the thermostat fell off the wall! This was when I seen what happened and how the thermostat had got disconnected somehow. I had a close look at it and seen that the wires were ripped clean off the motherboard of the thermostat! This wasn’t something I could fix myself, so I had to make a phone call to the local heating and cooling company to come out and repair the thermostat. You can bet that I called the cleaning company and made them pay for it too!

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