The coastal HVAC

There have been so many hurricanes in our space of the world lately! The bunch of us live on the coast in the southeast space of the country, & this year’s hurricane season has just been brutal. We’ve had many major storms & a ton of flooding to go along with them. Because of all of the extreme weather that we’ve been having, we’ve had a whole lot of electrical outages, as you can likely imagine. Well, when you don’t have electricity, your indoor air quality levels go right down the toilet abruptly. No electricity means no heating, however the bunch of us don’t need heating down there in that space of the country very much. But no electricity also means no air conditioning appliance, and when you live where I do, having no air conditioning is just a terrible thing! The heat & the humidity down there is nothing short of brutal, but my condo withstood the hurricane okay, with no real structural destruction. The basement where our heating & central air conditioning appliance was located actually flooded & was full of about ten inches of water. So the heating & the cooling system in our condo was easily ruined. And the condo was just a bad mess, it was so hot & humid in there that I couldn’t even stay there. I couldn’t even run a window air conditioning appliance in the condo since I didn’t have any cooling system! Now all of the rebuilding & hurricane relief efforts are going on, however I don’t even want to be in that condo until it’s fixed & the air conditioning appliance is running again. I just can’t take the heat & the intense humidity.