The cold is tough to deal with

My heating system is over twenty years old. I know it’s time to replace it. Even though I’ve provided routine professional maintenance service replaced the air filters, the gas furnace is slowing down. During the past two winters, something has gone wrong which makes the minor repairs add up to big expenses. The gas furnace no longer gives off as much heated air, and I’m always increasing the setting on the thermostat. When the unit runs for longer periods of time, it uses a lot more energy and my heating bills go up. On very cold  evenings, the house gets very cold which means the heating system can’t keep up. I’m also distraught about safety and air quality. Even though I clean the unit annually, I’ve noticed an increase in dust floating in the air. I’ve researched the latest gas furnace technology, and they offer some very interesting features. The top-rated furnaces come with adjustable-speed controls. This allows for automatic adjustment in speed to meet demands. Instead of starting and stopping like older units, modern gas furnaces run longer at lower capacity. This allows for maintaining an even temperature. Current models achieve up to 98% AFUE, which would significantly lower my utility bills. Current units also allow for Wi-Fi and zone control. This feature makes modern furnaces very convenience, offering cost savings and comfort. The zone control allows the user to only heat the rooms that are in use without wasting energy on heating empty rooms. Each family member can customize their comfort preferences. The smart control equipment would make life easy to enjoy while providing access through an app on my iphone or computer.

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