The cold weather was brutal

The other day, I decided to deliver my child a new chore. I showed him how to change the air filter for our Heating and A/C system. She was wondering why it was so important to change the air filter every month prefer I told him to. She thought the air filter did not seem to be all that special. I told him that even though it did not seem prefer anything major, it was definitely the most important part of the Heating and A/C system. I explained that the air filter works to catch all the dust and debris in the air. It protects the Heating and A/C plan from filling up with a bunch of dirt, and it allows the Heating and A/C plan to work at full capacity. I asked my child if she ever remembered breathing in a bunch of dust before. She said yes, that she has been in a situation prefer that and it was a easily unpleasant experience breathing in stuff prefer that. I said well, the air filter saves us from having to breathe in a bunch of dust. I told him it’s also fantastic for us to get the ductwork cleaned out every other year so all of us do not have to worry about all the dust in the ductwork. I explained to him the importance of the air quality for the health and safety of our home. After the talk all of us had about decreasing the air filter, she was able to understand exactly how important this air filter definitely was for the Heating and A/C system. She thanked myself and others for explaining everything to him, and said she had no plan how important air filters definitely were.

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