The coldest time of the year

Just yesterday I finally bought our first area furnace from our local heating and cooling supplier. I have always strictly relied on our central furnace to keep myself and others sizzling during the worst Wintertime weeks. However, I appreciate having a backup and that is our only reason for choosing to purchase the area heater. I sometimes have complications with our family’s oil gas furnace, and in the case that it does die I want to have a furnace to rely on. Two Wintertimes ago, I had forgotten to get our official heating tune-ups before the cold air arrived and this ended up being a huge mistake. When Wintertime hit, it hit hard and our poor little gas furnace just couldn’t keep up with all the cold, and ice, and snow. It once completely stopped responding to any actions I took on the thermostat. I have a high tech smart thermostat and I would try and try again to get it to come on to no avail. I was finally left with no choice however to call a local heating and cooling supplier. I was in luck since their heating and air conditioner corporation had an open spot available for that day. I was glad when the heating specialist told myself and others that there was actually nothing major wrong with our furnace and that it would be entirely fixed. After it was truly repaired I never forgot our HVAC tune-ups again. I didn’t want to go separate from having heat again, because I can never forget the feeling of being cold.
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