The concert I went to was hot and miserable

I was so excited to finally go to a concert last week that I was beside myself! They were all shut down for the longest time and no one anywhere was letting people into their venues because of the whole annoying virus scare and everything that was going on.

No one was having any fun because of all of this, but now things are finally opening back up.

I was very excited that I was going to this concert and even though the temperatures were super hot last week, I was still excited about it. I wanted everything to open up and start running again long ago. Anyway, I dressed for the weather that night for the concert and I thought that they would definitely have central air conditioning inside of the venue because it was supposed to be so hot and crowded. Not only that, but everyone and their brother were going to be showing up at this concert. I knew that it was still going to be hot inside there, but I had faith in the air conditioning system at the venue. This was a state of the art venue that isn’t that old at all. There was no reason that it would be overly hot inside of the venue that I could think of and so I figured that everything would be just fine. However, when we got there and pulled into the parking lot, I noticed that there was a huge HVAC maintenance truck parked at the side of the building. Guys were walking in and out and they were working on the air conditioning in the building. The place was so hot that all of the fans were just miserable, even though we were there to see our favorite band.



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