The condo that I just bought doesn’t have working air conditioner

The condo that I just bought doesn’t have working air conditioner.

I am absolutely planning to change that though.

Air conditioning is a single of those things that I just don’t want to go without. My Dad thinks that I am deranged because she prefers not to have air conditioner. She thinks that air conditioner is simply a waste of money. She did not have air conditioner growing up, so she never thought of it as something she needed even when she moved out on her own. My dad did grow up having air conditioner in her house, however our Dad convinced him that air conditioner was not necessary, plus it was simply a waste of hard acquired money. My dad enjoyed the method of saving money, so she agreed with our Dad not to use air conditioner, then because our parents didn’t use air conditioner when I was a child, I thought that I would be fine without air conditioner as an adult. I was absolutely wrong though. My first condo used to get so hot without air conditioner, eventually, I just bought an a/c plus put it in that apartment. I have not been without air conditioner since then until now. I will not be without air conditioner for long though. At least, I hope that I won’t be without air conditioner for long. I truly don’t want to guess about residing without air conditioner again. I am just too much of a baby. If our condo gets over seventy degrees, I beginning to get hot. I truly hope that I can get the a/c in our up-to-date condo fixed soon.