The Connor workout routine

My little brother gives me Conor McGregor workout videos. On 1 hand I like getting the video since I can get inspiration from it. Anytime I feel our workout is getting boring, I look to see what Connor is doing plus try something different. But, watching the videos makes myself and my little brother a little psycho. That man is a professional MMA fighter. He has all day long, everyday to get into good condition, but nobody can be built appreciate him plus have a normal life. It doesn’t stop myself and others from trying though. I get silly with working out plus pushing just 1 more rep. I always feel to myself, would Connor give up? No way, would would do another set. The newest workout video is movement plus dance based. So now I am trying stuff I have never tried at all. I have been trying to do handstands, cartwheels and rolls in our work out. I also have been trying to do body holds just using our hands or elbows, but Connor also has been doing a lot of back plus forth rolls. I just about throw up when I complete our work out with this. I absolutely wish the nearby fitness center had a class that was all about Conor McGregor workouts. I would like to learn how he does the things he does. I dislike trying it out in our work area plus just about falling on our face. I bet certified fitness experts guess how to do some of these holds. I need a little direction if I am going to be like him.