The control unit in the lake house cost me $250

My cousin always likes to make everything a competition. I’m not sure why she does it but it’s a habit I hate so much. If I buy new clothes or shoes, my cousin will go out and purchase a similar item, at times costing way more than I spent. We grew up together and this is how she has always behaved. I tried to speak with my cousin, but she continued just the same. I’m at the point where I just accept her character. If she wants to change then that would be great, if she doesn’t, she’s still family. Last year, my cousin was hanging out at my home. We were in the kitchen having some wine just chatting about different things with our hubbys. My cousin walked over to the family room because she noticed that I had a sensor on the wall. She asked about it and I responded that it was from the smart temperature control that we got. I told her how the technology worked as she wasn’t familiar with it. My cousin was so impressed that the next time we spoke, she had me over to show off her current smart temperature control. The temperature control that I have in my home is a mid-level gadget that costs about $250. They regularly range between $130 to $500. My cousin’s temperature control cost closer to $500. I’m happy that she got the temperature control because it will save her 10 to 15 percent on her energy bill if used properly. However, I don’t suppose the more high-priced model made sense, but that’s m y cousin for you.

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