The cooling system is busted

Occasionally I have to inspect apartments as an area of my job as a condo community employer.

  • Apartments have to be tested once a year if the common renter renews the lease.

I check for a couple of bizarre items while in the inspection. I personally tested all of the appliances in the living room including the large refrigerator, freezer, garbage disposal, and the oven. I tested the powder room faucet, tub, and toilet as well. I tested all of the ceiling fans to even make sure they are working respectfully and I tested the smoke detectors. A few weeks ago, I was performing a routine inspection again on a single of the apartments, however during the inspection, I found out that the apartment A/C wasn’t working. The condo renter did not feel it was necessary to use the AC very often, so she never informed myself and others or the repair staff when there was an issue with the cooling system. Since the renter was not using the A/C for numerous weeks, there was a fairly large accumulation of mold and mildew throughout the apartment. It was probably the worst case of neglect that I have seen in a long amount of time. The renter finally told myself and others that the A/C has not been working for nearly 5 weeks. That clearly means it stopped working in the middle of the summer time season. It’s no wonder there is an exhausting issue with mold around the house. There is a ton of heat and humidity in the summer time season in these parts and that consistently causes problems when you do not have correct indoor air flow and indoor temperature control. After witnessing all of the disfigures, I had to quickly object to the renewal of the lease.

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