The cooling system was a necessity

The inheritance was a complete surprise for all in the family, because the people I was with and I had ever heard of Uncle Steve before.

I highly doubt he had heard of us, either, but he passed away with no heirs, plus eventually the hoard of lawyers tracked us down.

Both of us got a little bit of money, some family mementos worth nothing, plus a parcel of land with an aged farmhouse on it. This was a good excuse for a family road trip, so our siblings plus I drove across the country to check it out. It was a highly undoubtedly aged location, but current enough that it had electricity, at least. What it sure didn’t have was an air conditioner, plus on a sweltering humid Summer evening, that was definitely not going to do it for us. Both of us found the nearest 24 hour Walmart, which was 45 minutes away, at least, plus drove over to buy a small air conditioner unit to help solve our problem. In order to finally decide if the location was worth saving, plus getting a working central Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system, the people I was with and I had to deeply dig through it first. Both of us needed to inspect the location firsthand, plus see what on earth was there, plus the people I was with and I needed an air conditioner if the people I was with and I seriously wanted to do that chore in comfort. Altogether it took us a few days, plus the people I was with and I worked plus moved the cooling system from one room to the next room as the people I was with and I moved. I left the AC unit there.