The cost of printing

I am someone who is totally behind the times to be honest, that is in everything I definitely do.

I won’t guess the basic things that all the people else can do, and like recently, when I had a bunch of CD’s that I made of a music album a buddy of mine produced, they were asking me to have digital color printed labels on them.

I had no method in the world what they were talking about, then a label is a label as far as I knew. I wanted to do this for my friend, plus because he was paying me well to do so, I did some research to see if there was any printing services in my part to be able to accomplish this for me. I am not correct with printing services, nor do I guess what I am doing, then but, from what I was seeing, the cost for a printing service to provide me with the printing of digital color labels were a bit high, then so, I definitely found something called a digital color label printer that was pretty cheap compared to having a printing service do this for me. Then it would be worth the investment, because my pal the musician would have more music CD’s to come plus would hire me to do the graphics plus the labels on the CD’s. So by having this digital color label printer, I would be all set up with what I needed for future tasks. The digital color label printer still made no sense to me about the concept of it, however I bought it anyway plus figured out how to use the digital color label printer.

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