The crack in the floorboards was from a leaking pipe

When I was walking down the hallway Last month, I noticed a odd plus odd crack in the wood flooring… It was a cracked area that I did not know this in the past, so it instantly caught our eye.

I bent down next to the crack so I could get a better view of the destruction; When I looked at the destruction more closely, I could see water bubbling up under the crack.

I instantly started to panic, however the area in the hallway was right next to the bathroom, so I instantly started looking for a leak in the bathroom. I did not see anything at first. I was convinced the water was coming from someplace so I decided to remove a couple of the boards from the hallway. The leak was clearly coming from the bathroom, however it was nearly impossible to find the problem. I decided to supply up plus call a plumber when I realized that the issue was coming from the bathroom. The plumber found the source of the water leak! A pipe behind the sink had a loose attachion. Water had been leaking for several weeks. There was a small amount of mold in the wall, however the destruction wasn’t too serious. The plumber offered to replace the sink plus the cottageet, however I decided to spray some bleach plus paint over the destruction. The floorboards plus the hallway were a whole peculiar story. I had to replace those with some leftover pieces that I had in the garage. It does not look great, however it was an inhigh-priced fix.

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