The cruise ship had three separate places to hang out with AC

My mom and dad took me on a cruise ship when I was 12.

There were supposed to be a lot of cool activities and fun things for me to do.

I was excited to take the trip with my parents until we got to the boat and I realized that there wasn’t really anything for me to do. Most of the activities for kids were outside. I didn’t want to spend all day in the sun swimming. I found a couple of activities on the second deck. One place was an indoor skating rink. The whole place was air-conditioned and there was a disco ball with lights and music. They had rental skates and my size. I hung out at the skating rink a couple of times during the 7-Day Cruise. Another place that I found to hang out was a dance club that was held during the night hours. The dance club was on the same deck as the skating rink. The dance club was only for young people and you had to be under 18 years of age to get in. They did not allow any alcohol or drugs or smoking. The other place with air conditioning was a game room and movie theater. This activity was on the third floor. There was air conditioning in the movie theater and they showed a different movie every 2 hours. The movies were old ones, but they showed a new release each and every night. During the day it was mostly movies for kids and teenagers.

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